Recommended Tours

Customized daily tours
  • Halong Exclusive Day Tour- 120$
    It’s an early start to the day as you will leave Hanoi to drive to the coastal port of Halong by luxury van, then enjoy Halong Bay Descending Dragons” in Vietnamese, the archipelago of Halong Bay is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • Halong Private Day Tour- 160$
    Halong Bay is one of world’s natural wonders and is one of the top tourist attractions in Vietnam. The literal meaning of Ha long is Descending Dragon. A local legend says that a family of dragons was sent to defend the land long ago when the Vietnamese were fighting the Chinese
  • Hanoi- Halong Luxury Van
    From new ford van with 16 hard seats, Awesome Travel designed it again to become the new luxury class van with 9 soft seats, featured more comfortable and music, minibar, charge your electronic device battery…. We see that transportation system from Hanoi to Halong bay is not
  • Halong- UNESCO World Heritage
    Hạ Long Bay (Vietnamese: Vịnh Hạ Long, About this sound listen, literally: descending dragon bay) is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and a popular travel destination, in Quảng Ninh Province, Vietnam. Administratively, the bay belongs to Hạ Long City, Cẩm Phả town, and part of Vân